• Ladybugs & Stink Bugs – Preventive Treatments

  • Ladybug, Stink Bug , and Cluster Fly Control

    In order to provide proper control for Ladybugs, Stink Bugs, and Cluster Flies, it must be realized that these three insects have very similar habits in the autumn season:

    • As the weather starts to get cold, they seek out a warmer place to overwinter, and that usually ends up being your home.
    • They only need a small crack to get into the soffits, around windows and doors, into the garage, and any other place they can squeeze into.
    • The only way to not have them in the home is a preventive spray that is typically done in September through October (weather dependent on the current season). TIMING OF THE TREATMENT IS CRITICAL!

    Our treatment covers the areas where these insects enter the home and either kills them as they enter, or repels them from entering the structure. We generally use power spraying rigs to ensure maximum coverage on your home. If you would like to inquire about this treatment, or want some more information, please call our office.