• Flea and Tick Control

  • Flea and Tick Control


    • Ticks and fleas can be controlled around your home with our perimeter barrier spray.
    • Ticks can climb up the side of the structure or crawl in the area 1-2 ft around the structure.
    • They will be killed by the residual spray that has been applied.
    • A spring and fall exterior perimeter barrier treatment is highly recommended to keep ticks away from your home.

    We highly recommend:

    • Covering up any exposed skin during the Spring or while working outside in the warm months.
    • Applying a good insect repellent such as DEET to keep the ticks off of your clothing.


    • Most of our treatments for fleas are in vacant homes and apartments.
    • We will also treat for them in residential homes and commercial settings.  
    • Our flea control consists of an initial spraying and then a follow-up spraying 2-3 weeks later to kill the newly hatched nymphs.
    • We also use an insect growth regulator to interrupt the life cycle of the fleas.
    • Please call our office for more information.