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  • Special Facebook Discount:

    $10.00 off your treatment and removal (if needed) of a Hornet or Yellow Jacket nest!

    Save yourself the time, a possible hospital visit, and don't risk the danger!

    Let the professionals at Environmental Pest Management treat and remove the nest from your home or business!

    We have been treating stinging insect nests since 1974!

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    **Must mention discount when scheduling service. Offer expires 9-30-16.  

  • Our Treatment Procedures:

    We generally use an insecticide dust to treat the yellow jacket and hornet nests, but in some instances we use a specific spray to eliminate the nest.

    For yellow jacket nests in the ground, in voids, or in cracks of a structure, it is typically a one-time treatment.  For gray ball hornet or yellow jacket nests, we typically treat the nest and then remove it the following day.

    **CAUTION:** We do NOT recommend using an over-the-counter "bee" spray in a can for nests in a crack or void on a structure.  The material in these products tend to force the yellow jackets inside, which can cause a larger problem - stinging yellow jackets in the living area inside.

    Call us first, it will save you time, money, and the aggravation of dealing with a dangerous nest.
    We have been serving Indiana County since 1974!