• Pest Control and Entomology Consulting Services

  • Pest Control - Entomologist Consultant

    We provide and specialize in Pest Control and Entomology Consulting Services.

    Our staff has decades of experience with investigation, evaluation, and troubleshooting difficult pest problems.  With an entomologist on staff, we are able to offer our services to aid in solving pest issues in many different types of facilities.

    Our consulting services typically involve an on-site visit, review of the pest problems, and the issuance of thorough reports.

    We also offer our consulting services via phone and email, if a on-site visit is not necessary.

    Our staff Entomologist, Jeff Rice, ACE, has been involved in many on-site entomology consulting projects.  Some of those include investigating and solving pest issues on a $50 million medical facility addition and expansion project, a $90 million new construction academic building for a large university, a health and safety pest issue for a local school district, and a phorid fly issue at a restaurant that involved extensive investigation and problem solving, just to name a few.  Jeff has published articles in trade journals and magazines for different industries pertaining to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and entomology consulting.  Jeff also provides educational presentations in the community pertaining to insects of structural and public health importance.  He has presented in settings to landlords, to students and faculty at schools, healthcare facilities, and many others.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge about insects and the significant role they play in our everyday lives.

    Some of our past consulting projects have involved:

    Healthcare facilities


    Real Estate Transactions

    Governments - Townships and Boroughs

    State Facilities

    Food Service Facilities

    Food storage and Processing Facilities

    Chemical Storage Units

    Pest control treatment reviews

    Apartment Complexes


    All of our recommendations follow industry standard pest management practices, procedures, and guidelines.  We can customize and design Integrated Pest Management (IPM) prevention programs to suit each specific need.  

    We can also provide teaching, education, and instruction for your staff and employees, clients, customers, tenants, etc.  We offer and design specific types of informative educational presentations that can aid in preventing future infestations of specific insects (Bed bugs, for example).  Teaching and education is an important step in the process of pest control and elimination.

    Here are a few examples of insects that are typically investigated by our services: Bed bugs, termites, flying insects inside of structures, cockroaches, and rats and mice - to name a few.

     If you have a pest problem, issue, or are in need of a specific educational presentation that would need the guidance of a pest professional or the help of an entomologist, please contact us.  You can email our entomologist here, or call our office at 724-349-7900.  

    We look forward to working with you!